Buy Your 1st Investment Property

Acquire • Fix • Hold • Sell • Manage



[limited slots]

We’ll guarantee you’ll close your 1st deal in 90 Days.  We’ve developed a step by step curriculum on how to GET STARTED. If you’ll follow our plan, again we will guarantee your success.  If we fail and you don’t close your 1st deal in 90 Days, we’ll refund you 100%, NO QUESTIONS ASKED!  To focus on individual success, we have limited slots for this workshop. This will require us, holding your hand & you following instructions.

If you are interested in investing, new to real estate, or a real estate professional we’ll help you jump start your investment career.  You do not need to be a real estate agent or have any real estate experience.  Good credit is NOT REQUIRED.

Why invest in real estate? To generate cash flow and or build equity. Put your money to work. Create better financial options. Provide for your family. Grow wealth with great tax advantages. Additional retirement income.

Basically, we have noted what has made our members so successful & put it in an easy to follow training.

If you’ve tried to get started before and continuously are running into roadblocks try with a proven leader in this industry. Network with the Master Landlord Group & our members to insure your success.  As you know, there are many millionaires created in this space.

The biggest issue with getting started in real estate investing is often times a lack of financial education and  limited resources. STOP bumping your head against the wall, let us help you follow through on this life changing venture.

You will be assigned a zip code that will be your area of concentration. We will lecture, assign homework, quizzes, test, in class assignments and group projects.

In this Training, you will learn:

  • How to get started?
  • Wholesaling
  • Retailing
  • Flipping
  • Developing
  • About starting an LLC
  • About establishing a Trust
  • Asset protection
  • Where to get started?
  • What you’ll need to get started?
  • A daily, weekly & monthly to-do plan
  • How to write offers to sellers?
  • How to find investment deals?
  • Where to find investment deals?
  • How to work with:
    • real estate agents
    • contractors
    • tenants
    • banks
    • private lenders
    • equity lenders
    • investors
  • How to approach a bank for financing?
  • How to get your project financed?

Membership is rewarding. Current members will receive a discount for this training.

  • Advance Members get $25 off.
  • Principal Members get $49 off.
  • Pro Members get $249 off.
  • Executive Pro get $499 off.
  • Corporate Members $750 off.
  • Enterprise Members FREE.

We will provide you with all the tools necessary to close your 1st deal.  Again if you are lacking resources [Credit, Income or Assets]… NO PROBLEM.  You will learn creative options to get started.


  • Training comes with 2 slots

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